The Absolute Best Diet Strategy for Staying Lean in 2018

Introduction You may be thinking, “Why is the featured image a picture of an empty plate, how does that help me?”  Well, hear me out for a bit because in this first post, I chose to discuss something that is fundamental to my approach to fitness and maintaining a healthy mind and body.  No, it […]

Meal Frequency and Timing

How Often Should You Eat? When Should You Eat?

MEAL FREQUENCY AND TIMING If you’ve been keeping up with the past few posts, I started at the base of the weight loss pyramid with calories, continued through macros and touched on micros. This post will cover meal frequency and timing. One part of this discussion is intermittent fasting, which I wrote a more detailed […]

Micro Management

Micro Management

MICROS This is the third part in a five-part series covering the weight loss pyramid. I started at the base with calories. Next, I broke down macros. This post will cover micronutrients, or micros, and hydration. Calories and macronutrients are usually the stars of the show when losing weight, but hidden behind them are micros. […]

Mastering the Mystery of Macros

MACROS In my last post, I introduced the weight loss pyramid and explained the concept of calories, the most important aspect of weight and fat loss. The next level of the pyramid has to deal with macronutrients, or, as the hip fitness kids say, “macros.” Macros can be broken down into three categories: protein, fats […]

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